Coxim is a fork of Yaxim, an android XMPP/Jabber client with support for various modern extensions.

Coxim is meant to be a more Configurable friend of Yaxim. While Yaxim focuses on end-user usability, Coxim will focus on making mobile XMPP usable for power-users and hackers. This is achieved by adding features for advanced users and exposing additional options for those who wish to adapt their application to their needs, not vice-versa.

The additional features and options of Coxim over Yaxim are currently:

  • Configurable notification timeout: Once you receive a message from "John" and Coxim plays a sound, all additional messages from "John" won't play a sound for the next seconds

  • Configurable Carbons timeout: Carbons is a XMPP extension that allows messages to be delievered to all clients currently online. When Coxim receives such a message from its own account, that means the user is chatting on another device. In this situation, you can configure that Coxim does not play a sound on incoming messages for the next seconds

  • Configurable Server-Ping interval: In very unstable networks you might want to sacrifice battery runtime for connectivity: Coxim allows you to configure how often Pings are sent to the server in sleep / inactivity, and whether to send a ping when opening the main roster view.

Development Team
Dario Ernst
Happy Crew
Dennis Gnad
Ulrich Siebald

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