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Services offered by GhostDub

There are various services by GhostDub. If you're not a Member or related to people who are members you can ask around in irc:// or mail to services AT ghostdub DOT de

General Services


We're hosting a EMail-Site with extensive (and astonishing well working) anti-spam filters, various access methods (pop, imap, smtp (oh, rly?), web) that works across many domains.

MailMan Mailinglist

a full-fledged mailman installation is provided and can be used once a administrator added the list for you.


We also have a large webhosting site with the usual features (my+pg-sql, scripting support with php, perl, python, etc.) as well as many more advanced features such as webdav hosting, ruby on rails and turbogears.


For those who wish (and who we trust) we can also provide full shell access with the usual features.


A public ntp server is hosted.


There is also a large Jabber Multi-Domain hosted with various access methods (web, jabber, jabber over ssl) and various transports (see below).


VoIP over Jabber/Jingle is supported and enhanced by a STUN/TURN Server which will act as a media-stream relay in cases where both parties are behind a NAT. To use this, add a turn server for "" on standard ports to your client. On jitsi this is tools->options->accounts->(your jabber account)->ICE configuration->additional STUN servers->add one (IP-address:, [X] supports turn) -- for the username/password logins, please ask a member!


We provide stable spectrum-based transports for icq, aim, msn and yahoo messengers. Many others can be added if needed.

Jabber Web-Clients

A small selection of jabber web-clients is on


It is also possible to host whole Domains on our server. We have a stable bind9-based DNS service with two reliable secondary NSes.


ZNC is backported and installed as a irc-bouncer service to be used per-user wise.

Bitlbee IRC2IM Service

Bitlbee provides irc to jabber conversion services.

Push EMail

Email can be pushed to phones via a microsoft-exchange mimicing push service (z-push)

Web Services


It is possible to access our mail service via web via a roundcube webmailer (with many nice addons :P) installation.


For the hosted websites a (almost) automatic awstats stat-generator is available.

Wordpress Multi-User

For the bloggers out there we have a flexible Multi-User-Multi-Site Wordpress installation with many nice addons and themes that is updated on regular basis.

Upload Platform

For those who need a trusted uploading service we provide a filehosting service similar to rapidshare.

Jabber Webchat

If you need to access your jabber account from somewhere strange, we have a web-based jabber client.


There is a tiny tiny rss multi-user installation that provides web-based feed-aggregation


A convenient way of hosting and managing GIT Repositories is given via a private gitorious installation

Superseded by...


A Project-Management and GIT hosting platform that aims to clone google code...


Site- and Service-Monitoring via Nagios is possible.


A own nopaste Service is hosted.


We also host a own Twitter-Like Microblogging service based on statusnet as well as the jabber-adapter for that service.

Firefox Sync (Weave)

A simple setup for syncing your firefox data via "weave" (the firefox sync feature available as a plugin or hard-installed as of firefox 4) is also set up and can be used.